Palfrey Girls School



School will close for end of Academic year on Friday 10th July 2015.  We pray that you all have a safe and enjoyable holiday. We request all students to use their valuable time constructively, information has been given by subject teachers on their next year’s syllabus. Students should research and study the topics, so their academic performance can further improve.


Parents are requested that students continue to read Quran daily and pray their Salah and Surah Yaseen. On Fridays read Surah Kahf, Surah Yaseen and Tasbeeyah as this is the routine in School.


Insha’Allah, we look forward to seeing you in the new academic year on Thursday 3rd September 2015. Please note school day will now be 8.30am to 3.00pm Monday to Friday.


On behalf of the Management, Trustees and Staff of Little Stars Nursery, Palfrey Primary and Palfrey Girls School would like to take this opportunity to wish all parents and students a very auspicious Happy Eid Mubarak and remember us in your Dua’s and in this blessed month of Ramadhan.


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Palfrey Girls School was originally founded to fulfill the demands of parents from our community to exercise their and their children’s rights to single sex education in an environment supportive of Muslim values. During the past 17 years it has developed its expertise in supporting, often for the first time within their traditional Muslim families, the successful progression of young women into professional roles in the wider community.  Our past students are now working as Lawyers, Social Work Managers, Accountants and University Lecturers etc. This has been achieved by helping the community, the girls’ parents and their families to gradually accept the right of these young women to choose careers for themselves in the wider community to fulfill their potential and to recognise that this can be achieved without losing their religious beliefs and values as many of the elders feared.

It is this capacity that makes us unique: addressing the potential barriers within this community to these girls achieving their full potential combined with our capacity to inspire, motivate and successfully support the girls to achieve very high educational standards despite their background.

We aim to develop our students to fulfill their potential intellectually, socially, economically, and culturally to demonstrate to themselves, their families and the wider community that social deprivation, gender or ethnicity need be no barrier to the highest levels of achievement. We continuously exceed national benchmarks for Key Stage 4 attainment for similar schools in similar areas with our leavers being fully equipped to progress successfully along their chosen pathway.

Our school is also a thriving united community in which tolerance and understanding of other values and beliefs is at the heart of our ethos to equip our students to play a vital role in building a more cohesive society both nationally and globally.


BSI Report available here: search for Palfrey Girls School.